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Erickson Pest Control Services

Customized Pest Control

  • Commercial Services


    Helping to protect your professional reputation while also protecting your assets.

    We understand that a pest-free environment is essential to your company's reputation, no matter what business you're in. Our commercial pest control services protect your property, employees, and customers!

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  • Residential Services


    Keeping unwanted "houseguests" away from your family and personal belongings.

    Erickson Pest Control understands the importance of your comfort and confidence when it comes to maintaining a safe, pest free environment for your family home, yard, and surrounding structures.

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  • Rural Service


    Servicing Fargo and Grand Forks North Dakota including all rural area's in between!

    Erickson Pest Control provides both Reliable and Convenient Extermination Services for residents in Fargo, Grand Forks, and rural area's 45 minutes west of the Red River. Please feel free to call us and ask if service is available in your area.

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  • Agricultral Treatments


    You work to hard to bring in the harvest, we keep it safe from freeloading critters.

    Rodents can be just one major concern of many when it comes to Farms, Seed Warehousing, and other types of stored food or feed products. We have solutions for these and many more pest services...

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When it comes to pest control, you want a company that can get the job done right. Erickson Pest Control offers professional extermination services you can trust. ‚ÄčAs a local veteran-owned and operated business, we hold a high standard of integrity using only the best products and practices.

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Our Story

⇒ Keep us in mind as fall approaches - As the fields are harvested and the nights begin to cool, insects and rodents invade your home and business!