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Whether your problem is roaches, rodents, or other insect pests, Erickson Pest Control is your one-stop pest elimination source. We will eliminate pests from your home, office, restaurant, or multi-housing property. We are a locally owned, family business, and service the entire area between Grand Forks and Fargo.

Pests can be much more than a nuisance, they can become a potential threat to your property and your health. This is why our pest and bug control solutions utilizing our proven (IPM) Integrated Pest Management process is so important for your home, business or farm!

  • Commercial Services


    Protecting your business not only means protecting your property, it also means protecting your reputation. With today's technology, customer pest sightings are quickly posted on a variety of social media platforms. Bedbugs, cockroaches, and rodents are just a few pests that harm your reputation. I work to protect your business, providing proactive services to stop problems before they start and quickly eradicating issues that do arise.

    Service and applications schedules are tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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  • Residential Services


    Our homes are much more than a place to sleep, they’re our private place away from the busy world. It’s hard to relax in the yard after a colony of wasps move in and no one likes a mouse running around the house! We provide a wide variety of services for the home, covering ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, pantry pests, cluster flies, Asian Lady Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, rodents, and many other pests.

    Whether you need single service applications or ongoing scheduled appointments, all programs are tailored to meet your personal needs.

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  • Rural Service


    No matter what you operate - a farm, seed warehouse, grain elevator, etc. we can help. Rodents tend to be the number one issues in this market, chewing up wiring harnesses on expensive equipment or moving into a tote full of expensive product. We provide proactive programs that start by reducing the population on the outside first, then setting up a trap line on the inside. Rodents aren’t the only pests that cause problems; stored product pests, birds, cluster flies, Asian Lady Beetles, Box Elder Bugs are just a few of the pests I can help with.

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  • Agricultral Treatments


    You work to hard to bring in the harvest, we keep it safe from freeloading critters.

    Rodents can be just one major concern of many when it comes to Farms, Seed Warehousing, and other types of stored food or feed products. We have solutions for these and many more pest services...

    Solutions can be a one-time service, or scheduled on-going protection visits. Each program is designed for your unique needs so you can rest assured your livelihood is in good hands.

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 Service Area Map

Erickson Pest Service Area

Our Pest Control Service Area Includes:

Cooperstown, Mayville, Northwood, Finley, Hope,
Colgate, Portland, Sharon, Valley City, Casselton...

and many other surrounding rural area's from Fargo to Grand Forks, as far West as Carrington and East to The Red River!

Discounts Available!

As a local veteran-owned and operated business, Erickson Pest Control proudly offers discounts to...

- Veterans
- Military
- First Responders
- Emergency Responders